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Strong, Not Tested

Posted by George Parker on
<b>Strong, Not Tested</b>

Strength. It's a word we associate with physical prowess, but in truth, it's multifaceted. Strength can be mental, emotional, and, yes, physical. The beauty of it is that we all possess it, even if we're not always aware.

If you’ve ever felt you’re not strong, it's possible you haven't been put to the test. It's not a shortcoming; it's an opportunity waiting in the wings.

Consider the marathoner who hits "the wall" around mile 20 but persists to finish the race. Or the newbie runner, who, despite initial struggles, laces up their shoes every day, pushing a little further each time. Both runners, though at different stages in their journey, showcase their inherent strength.

Running has a unique way of revealing our strength. It's in those moments when our lungs burn, our legs feel heavy, and our mind screams to stop – but we don’t. We push through, one step at a time. Why? Because there's an indomitable spirit inside each of us, waiting to be awakened.

The journey of a runner is a testament to this. From conquering that first mile to enduring the grueling last stretches of a race, every challenge faced is a testament to our inner power. It's not about how fast or how far you go; it's about realizing that you had the strength to start and the tenacity to continue.

So, the next time you find yourself doubting your strength, lace up those running shoes. Hit the road or the trail, and challenge yourself, even if it's just for a mile. Along the way, you'll discover not only the strength of your legs but the resilience of your spirit.

Remember, strength isn’t just about what you can do; it's about overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't.

Best wishes on chasing your running goals.



Image by senivpetro on Freepik

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