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The Real Work Behind Results

Posted by George Parker on
<b>The Real Work Behind Results</b>

I was scanning the booths at the Illinois Marathon expo when I spotted the Pace Groups section. I was new to marathons and unfamiliar with pace groups at that time. I approached a pacer to understand more. Our chat was helpful, and by the end, I felt better prepared for the race course.

As I was leaving, I casually wished him "Good luck." He stopped me, looked me in the eye, and said, "It's not luck. It's training."

That straightforward statement stuck with me.

The message is clear: hoping for good outcomes isn’t enough. Behind any significant achievement or success, there’s a lot of hard work, planning, and persistence. Just like in marathons, where consistent training is vital, preparation and effort play a crucial role in business and personal endeavors.

At PEREGRUNE, this mantra reminds us that results come from dedication and work, not mere hope. It’s a simple yet powerful reminder for all of us: rather than waiting for luck, focus on the training, the preparation, and the effort.

In short, if you want results, put in the work. That’s the real secret to success.

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