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Simple Gifts

Posted by George Parker on
<b>Simple Gifts</b>

I rediscovered running in a running store in the Chicago suburbs.

My co-worker was a part owner of a local running store. Years had passed since I'd last run. My co-worker noticed – not through intrusive queries but from casual office chats. To my surprise, he brought several shoe boxes to our office one day. It wasn’t a grand gesture, just an offer for a shoe fitting. But it was more than that to me. It was an invitation to reconnect with an old joy.

Trying them on and feeling the snug fit wasn’t about the shoes. It was the idea behind them, the nudge to start again. The gentle push from someone who believed in the simple joys of life.

With that modest act, I was back on the road, running, remembering the feel of the wind against my face and the rhythmic sound of my footsteps.

It's the small things. Those tiny, everyday acts of kindness can spark change or reignite passions in others. We often believe it takes grand actions to make a difference, but sometimes, it's as simple as offering someone the right pair of shoes.

Next time you see an opportunity, no matter how small, take it. It might just be the thing that helps someone rediscover a forgotten love or start a new journey.

Best wishes on chasing your running goals.

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