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State, Story, & Strategy: Running with Tony Robbins

Posted by George Parker on
<b>State, Story, & Strategy: Running with Tony Robbins</b>

Tony Robbins, the renowned motivational speaker, offers a transformative approach for tackling life's challenges: "State, Story, and Strategy." Before diving deep into solutions, Robbins emphasizes the fundamental step of changing one's state.

Facing a challenge? Your first instinct might be to jump into solution mode. However, Robbins advises against this immediate approach. Before addressing the problem, it's crucial to shift your mindset, to distance yourself from the immediate stress and tap into a deeper, more productive state of mind. You have to first change your State.

Among the various methods Robbins suggests for state alteration—cold plunging, meditation, and exercise—it's exercise that stands out as timeless and universally accessible. While the immediacy of a cold plunge offers a rapid reset and meditation offers a profound mental recalibration, exercise, especially running, provides a unique blend of both physical and mental rejuvenation.

For many, myself included, running is the go-to method for changing our state. The beauty of running is its simplicity. Lace up your shoes, and off you go. It's not just about the rush of endorphins, although they certainly play a part. It's about the rhythmic cadence, the steady heartbeat, the world blurring past. With each mile, burdens lighten, the mind clears, and perspective shifts. By the end, you aren't just physically invigorated; you're mentally refreshed.

With your state altered and mindset recalibrated, you're better equipped to face challenges head-on. That previously insurmountable problem? Now, it's just another hurdle to overcome.

Best wishes on chasing your running goals,


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