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What Ted Lasso Taught Me About the Power of Running

Posted by George Parker on

There’s a scene in the TV Show Ted Lasso that I thoroughly enjoyed. Coach Roy Kent is training Jamie Tart to make him a better soccer player than the team’s superstar ZAVA. (If you haven’t seen the show, it’s worth checking out on Apple TV). Conditioning, notably running, is the foundation of Coach Roy’s approach. Jamie is up early each day running to improve his endurance, strength, and speed to improve his play on the soccer pitch.

Later in the show, Roy coaches all the club players on a new strategy called Total Futbol which involves constantly moving around the field. Step one is making the players run back and forth across the field all practice. What drew my eye was Jamie Tart. In each scene, Jamie happily runs with his teammates straggling and struggling behind. All of Jamie’s run training is paying off.

Whether we realize it or not, we all have our Jamie Tart moments in our lives. Running undoubtedly gets you into “running” shape, but running also gets you into “life” shape. Little things we take for granted often leave others straggling behind: walking upstairs, doing yard work, or playing with our kids in the front yard. Running is the ultimate foundation of endurance, stamina, and speed that benefit immeasurable aspects of life.

Lace-up and get moving! Life’s a game best played with Total Futbol.


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