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Here's a way to choose your race to run a PR

Posted by George Parker on
Here's a way to choose your race to run a PR

Race selection can be a process - it can consume as much time as you allow. That's because there are so many factors to consider and, these days, so many races to choose from. 

So how to choose especially if you are trying to run a PR in the marathon, half, 10K or even 5K?

Of course, start with logistical factors: cost, location, when you're calendar is even free to race. Then, factor in training cycle: when will you be ready to race? 

After all that, let's say you are left choosing between two races that are equivalent in those factors. How to choose if you are trying to set a PR? 

One highly effective way is to look at past race results.

How many people finished past races in your goal time? If there is a group of people that's great! Odds are there will be a pack of people that you can run with increasing your ability to push for your PR pace. 

See you at the Finish Line, 



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