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How to adjust Training Paces in the Heat of Summer

Posted by George Parker on
How to adjust Training Paces in the Heat of Summer

As a company based in Atlanta, GA, Peregrune knows something about heat and humidity. 

During the hot summer months, it's important to take heat into account when you going about your daily training. There's no need to stop training, but you should consider adjusting training paces.

Here are three quick tips to keep you fit and fast during the summer heat: 

1. Focus on Effort - When's its hot outside, your paces will suffer. For a given effort, your heart rate will be much higher. Your sweat rate will be greater. Therefore, your usual paces will likely be slower than you're used to during the spring, winter, and fall. Instead, focus on effort. If you're goal is to run 70-80% of Vo2 Max for a Tempo Workout, do that. If the pace is slower than normal, that is OK. Focus on the target heart rate despite the actual pace. Your will still get adaptations as the effort is the same even though the pace is slower. 

2. Consider Indoors - Summer is a good time to use the treadmill. Some people only resort to the treadmill during winter months with cold and windy conditions. And that is OK. But, summer can also be an ideal time to run indoors. On a treadmill you can focus on key race paces without the effects of heat and humidity. This is especially useful if your goal summer race will be in a different climate that is less humid and hot. 

3. Run Early vs. Late - Not all periods of darkness are created equal. It is true that temperatures are both lower in the early morning and evening when the sun is gone. However, in the evening, humidity can often be as high as during the day. If you have to choose, choose the morning to minimize heat and humidity. 

Keep running! See you at the Finish Line.

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