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Hip Stretch for Runners

Posted by George Parker on
Hip stretch for runners running

Sometimes when I run, I feel tightness in my hip joint. Here is a stretch my PT taught me that is now a weekly go-to to keep my hip joint loose and in full range of motion. 

Best wishes on chasing your running goals! 




Sometimes when I'm running, I feel tightness in sort of my hip muscle. And I don't know why just happens over time. So I want to show you a technique that my physical therapists show me to help relieve it. So what you need is one of these resistance bands. This one is, I think, one and a half, or maybe maybe two to maybe two inches, this is happened to be one of them I got, and you're going to wrap it around something sturdy. This is just, you know, address your post. And it's a real simple static exercise where you're going to take the band, you're going to wrap it around, kind of your upper thigh,

right near the bottom of it. You're going to take your other leg, keep it straight, this leg comes up.

See if this helps, this leg comes up towards your chest, you're gonna turn it a little bit, and you're gonna feel the stretch right here, kind of like in your glutes, kind of right here, you're gonna feel the stretch, and you're just gonna hold it, you're gonna hold her for one to two minutes, actually. And I do this a couple times a week, maybe before I run usually. And you just kind of hold it and it's gonna slowly you're gonna feel loosened up. In fact, what you're often feel it's kind of a warm, almost tingling sensation over here. And that's just this entire hip joints and muscles relaxing. And if you do this, you're going to feel so much better and you're not going to feel that tightness that well, you'll hopefully have less that tightness than you have before. Give it a shot.

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