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How To Start Running Again

Posted by George Parker on
How to start running again

Congratulations! Whether new to running or coming back, it is never too late. Your reason for being here does not matter; all that matters is that you have committed to becoming a healthier, happier, and better version of yourself.

I aim to keep you running. Age is just a number, but you are not in your twenties anymore, and your body will respond differently to the stresses of running. If you can adapt, you can run as well as ever and continue to chase your running goals.

Pick a Goal
First, you need to pick a goal. Running for health and getting back in shape are worthwhile motivators --- to get started. But motivation ends, leaving you with the daily grind of running, which is when having a goal helps.

Sign up for a local race, such as a 5K. Having that race on the calendar will keep you motivated on the days you don’t want to run. Download a training plan. Can you stick with it for 30, 60, or 90 days? Set a personal weight loss goal or longest distance or time run. When you achieve the goal, celebrate and maybe buy yourself a gift. Motivation fades. Disciple stays with you long after the motivation of a new routine leaves.

Take it Easy
Remember, you are not in your 20’s anymore. That’s a great thing! You know your body better and how it responds to stress. You will think you are still in your 20s once you have a few good days running. Don’t think about your younger days running and the time or distance you could manage. You may get back there eventually or exceed your younger self, but even if you do, it will not happen overnight. Your body needs time to adapt to running, which means strengthening unused muscles, laying new capillary beds, and adjusting to elevated cardiovascular and respiratory stress.

Listen to your body
You can’t train as hard as you did when you were younger. And that is OK! We are not trying to make an Olympic team. You are working to become a healthier version of yourself. To do that, you need to train as an older athlete. Listen to your aches and pains and stay on top of them before they get serious. Take rest days. It’s time to buy a foam roller and a pso-rite. Learn to stretch.  

The better you eat, the better you will run. But don’t overthink nutrition in the beginning. Start by adding more vegetables daily, and do that for a week. Then, monitor your snacks between meals. Substitute high-sugar snacks for a healthier version, such as fruit or nuts. Monitor your alcohol intake. If you drink, try to stick to one or two drinks a day. Life is about balance, so do what you need to stay happy without sacrificing your running quality.

Consider adding a multivitamin to your routine. If you do, PEREGRUNE Runner Multivitamin is an excellent place to start. PEREGRUNE engineers vitamins exclusively for the needs of runners, not everyone else served by mainstream vitamins. PEREGRUNE’s Runner Multivitamin contains 3X Antioxidants for health and recovery by neutralizing the free radicals your body will create from your higher level of movement. The multivitamin is a concentrated Vitamin B to power the cellular energy production process, and it is a multivitamin plus probiotic to build digestive health. The Runner Multivitamin is a whole food vitamin with 42 fruits & vegetables in a vegan, GMO-free tablet.

Best wishes on chasing your running goals!

Founder & Chief Vitamin Engineer

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