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How Are Your Fall Running Goals? CIM and TRE 2022

Posted by George Parker on
How Are Your Fall Running Goals? CIM and TRE 2022

Happy Fall Runners! 

I hope all is well with chasing your running goals! 

I am in the early/middle stages of training for the California International Marathon in December. My A-goal is to dip below my 2:58:03 time last year and qualify for the NYC marathon time-based standard. My B goal is to not give up on myself and run with maximum effort. Sacramento, California, is the home of CIM. The weather is crisp and cool in December. The course rolls through scenic northern California vistas before cresting the American river with a straight, flat, and fast finish. CIM is a well-attended marathon, giving you many running partners for every pace.

Training is going well. I am completing my quality workouts, although the effort at the goal pace is high. My coach reminds me that the effort will ease as I round into marathon-specific training form in late November. Trust the process, they say, but that's easier said than done!

How's your training? Any goals you are chasing? Send me an email because I would love to hear them.

Lastly, Peregrune is attending The Running Event in Austin from November 29 to December 1. "TRE" is the largest conference for specialty running stores. Please let me know if you are attending so we can meet. I also have a discount code to save you on registration if you would like.

 Best wishes on chasing your running goals!


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