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Running in the Cold

Posted by George Parker on
Running in the Cold

How to keep running outside when it gets cold.

I have lived cities where the winter gets cold, including New York, Chicago, Cincinnati, and even Atlanta in the month of January and during cold fronts.

Running in the cold of fall and winter are necessary periods in the annual cycle. With the right strategy, it is possible to not only enjoy cold weather runs, but also make meaningful aerobic improvements.

Over the years, I have gotten better at running in the cold. Below are a few tips and strategies for maximizing your run in different cold weather conditions. 

  • Stay hydrated – When’s it cold, it’s easy to miss signs of sweating and forthcoming dehydration. So, make sure to drink fluids. 

  • Lip Balm – Wind and cold tend to zap my lips of moisture leading to painful dryness.  I carry a tube of lip balm to help. 

With a little preparation, running in the cold doesn't have to be so bad. Just make sure to buy extra laundry detergent for all those extra layers. 

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