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The Runner Event 2022 - New Product Submission

Posted by George Parker on
The Runner Event 2022 - New Product Submission

I am thrilled to announce that Peregrune Runner Multivitamin is in the New Item Showcase for the upcoming The Running Event (TRE 2022) Specialty Runner Store Conference. 

Hope to see everyone there! Below is our our submission. Bests, 

PEREGRUNE Runner Multivitamin

Introducing Peregrune Runner Multivitamin to Specialty Running Stores!

Peregrune Runner Multivitamin

Peregrune was founded in Atlanta as a direct-to-consumer running brand. Today, we have sold over 3 million vitamins to runners in 50 states. Peregrune is the #1 Runner Vitamin on Amazon with over 550 reviews and +4.5 stars.

Peregrune Difference
Big supplement companies design vitamins for the mass population. But runners are different. We are more active, sweat more nutrients, and work our muscles and joints harder.

Peregrune engineers for the specific needs of runners:

  • 3X Antioxidants for Health & Recovery
  • Complete Vitamin B Complex for Energy
  • Probiotics for Digestive Health
  • 42 Whole Foods, Vegan, GMO-Free, and GMP Certified

Peregrune was founded by George, a lifelong runner, and trained chemical engineer.

Why Merchandise in Specialty Running Stores?
Peregrune creates a new, incremental daily nutrition category to complement race-day nutrition (e.g., gels, electrolyte drinks). With proven consumer demand in all 50 states, Peregrune is an incremental add-on purchase with +$40 average order value.

Contact: George (Founder, Chief Vitamin Engineer)

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